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photo courtesy of AJ Dunlap Photography

I'm Sarah. I love zebras, anything that sparkles, the color pink, laughing, and couples in love.



Weddings make me laugh. Weddings make me cry. Weddings make me love my job.


I photographed my first wedding at 18, and I haven't stopped. Six years, a Bachelor of the Arts Degree, and 35 weddings later I still love it.



I can't promise you a stess free wedding. I can't promise everything will run perfectly. And most of all I can't promise that I won't cry when you say your vows.


But I CAN promise to make you laugh in moments of stress. I can promise to keep smiling in the worst of moments. And I can promise to bring my big box of tissues to share.


Most of all-

I promise that you will love your photographs as much as you love your memories.






(my maiden initials)

For everyone asking the question, yes my parents loved me enough to give me many names.

So, hi I'm Sarah Elizabeth Bernice Grantham (and now Stephenson)


I don't  photograph strangers


on their wedding day, I photograph friends, and that makes all the difference. I want to tell your story as your friend.


I love it!

Currently I reside in Charlotte with my husband and two adorable dog-children. I love Charlotte but, travelling is the best!

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