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You've got questions.... and I've (hopefully) got the answer!


Just a few of the Frequently Asked Questions I get, let me know if you have more specific questions!

Would you be a good fit for me?


Well if you want to feel like yourself, giggle a lot, and have fun then maybe! Honestly it's hard to know from a website, call me and we'll chat, or go for a cup of coffee! (I LOVE coffee)

How many weddings have you shot?


The running total is over 35 very unique, very fun weddings.

Do you have backup equipment?


ABSOLUTELY. I actually have this reoccuring nightmare that something goes wrong, and when I wake up I realize there is no need to stress I have backup everything. This is the same reason I shoot with a second shooter, with two of us we are bound to catch almost everything.

Do you have buisness licences and insurance?


YES and YES. It is essential in this business! (Plus, I'm I know better)

How many photos should I expect?


It's hard to give a specific, but generally 75-100 color photos per hour photographed.

What is a sebg?


SEBG are my madien initials. I chose to name my business with my initals because I love the fact I have so many names, because they are all so special. But truth is I'm slowly trying to make it a word for awesome, I'll keep you updated on that process though.

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